Grooming Services

                                               Full Service

I shampoo with skin soothing all natural shampoos for our Colorado dogs dry skin, high velocity dry to remove excess dead hair, clip nails, clean ears (and pluck where applicable), do a sanitary clip, do your requested hair cut and finish with cologne and a bandana or bows.
Small breeds- (Shih Tzu, Poodle, Maltese, etc) - $30-$40*
Medium- (Cocker, Sheltie, Wheaton, etc.) -$40-$60*

Bath and Brush
Shampoo with skin soothing all natural shampoos, dry with high velocity dryer to remove excess loose hair, clean ears, trim nails, and brush out.
Bully breeds welcome.
Small breed- $20
Medium- $25- $30
                     No longer grooming dogs larger than 50 pounds.

Between Groom Package
Package includes bath, dry, nails trimmed (tipped off to help nail quick recede), ears cleaned, feet, face and sanitary trim, cologne and bows 
Small breeds- (Poodle, Maltese, shihTzu, etc.)- $20
Medium- (Cocker, Wheaton, etc)- $30

                                       Additional  Grooming Services

  • Conditioner- $5 for small and medium breeds, $8 for large or double coated breeds
  • Dematting - $15/15 minutes
     Note: Excessive dematting can be very painful for your pet.  If he/she is severely
              matted we will discuss the option of shaving your pet.
  • De-shedding $20 to $40   See the de-shed process page for details.
  • Nail Cutting - $10
  • Teeth Brushing - $7
  • Trim eye area and do sanitary clip $8
  • Flea & Tick Treatment - Prices vary based on pet's weight.
Now offering dog boarding in a cage free secure home. Rates starting at $25 a night.

* I will give you a quote range (i.e. $55-65) for the type of dog you tell me you have.  Upon seeing the dog, I am then able to give you a more precise idea of what your charge will be based on your dog's size, condition of the coat and what it is you want done. 


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