The De-Shed Process

1. I first shampoo with a shampoo designed for the de-shedding process.
   These shampoos are heavier in oil based products (aloe, Omega 3 fatty
    acids and vitamin E) which attach to the more coarse dead hair making
    it easier to blow out.
2. The second step is the blow dry with the high velocity dryer.  When used
    to completely dry out the dog this step usually removes 50% of loose hair. 
3. The next step is using the stripping tool. This tool quickly and easily 
    removes loose hair, especially thick undercoats. 
4. The fourth step is use of either a rake, for dogs with longer hair or thick
   double coats, or a curry comb for the dog with a shorter coat. The curry comb is
    a rubber “brush”. This tool is ideal, for dogs like a Jack Russell or Lab. 
   I prefer the Zoom Groom and recommend its use for parents of all types 
    of dogs. I then brush out the coat using a slicker brush.
5. I again use the high velocity dryer to blow out any additional loose hair.

By this point most of the dead hair is gone. You may notice over the course of the next couple of days that your dog is still dropping hair.  This will stop within a few days and you should see about 80% less shedding.